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Welcome to Canine Kids Relocation Program.  We are a bit different than other rescues and shelters.  First instead of housing pets in cages we give them a family environment.  second we don't pull from shelters like many rescues.  The only time that we pull from a shelter is when the chip comes back to us.  When pulling from shelters and rescues there are risks to the health of other animals, and we do not have the space available to quarentien very easy.

We are there for the pet parents that love their pets so much that due to the economy or finatual situation have to make the heart wrenching choice to give their beloved pet away.  The people that come to us hate the thought of placing their pet in a shelter environment.  They see the cages and kennels as jail cells.  When we can the families house the pets they are giving up, we then place ads and interview families and then together meet with the two families to make sure it is a fit.  When we can't keep the pets in their families we have a few foster homes that we use.

Also unlike your typical rescues and shelters I don't charge the family who is giving of their pet anything.  It is already hard enough.  We also charge only a nominal fee to the families adopting these pets.  We do this for the love of the pets and the bond between animal and human.

If you would like to adopt one of the pets available please view the available pets page.  Then fill out the application and send it to us by email and we will get in touch with you promptly.  We also encourage you to call with questions on the pets available.


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