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Feed the Pets
Feed the Pets 
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I am hoping to launch this program in the Spring of 2009.  With the economy as it is, so many people are having to give their beloved pets to shelters and rescues.  The families are hearbroken knowing that it is because they can't afford the food for the pet.  So this is where Feed the Pets comes in.  

We are looking to get donations of food for the pets and litter for cats.  At this time We are focusing on Cats and Dogs.  In order to qualify your pets must be registered with your city or county which is proof of ownership and also tells us the breed of the pet.  The amount of food will be based on the pets you have.  If you have a toy breed you will not receive as much food as a giant dog would as they eat much less than a giant breed would.

We are looking at getting foods that are high quality as this not only will be better for the pet but in the long run you will have less garbage, less poop to pick up and not as many vet costs.  Many times the cheap corn filled foods cause allergies and just one ear infection can cost $100 and if over the year there are 6 visits for ear infections your looking at $600 just for ear infection treatments.  I have also seen one family wait so long with an ear infection that it cost them nearly $800 and couldn't cover the cost of the vet and had to give the pup up.

You will receive a punch card based on your pets.  You will be required to show this card at each visit. This card tells you how much food you have left for the month.  Each card is specific to your family.  This is how we will make it fair for all using the Feed the Pets program.

At this time we are taking names and family information of those interested in this program.  Those on the list will be notified when the program starts.  Or keep an eye out here.


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