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Sadly there are people that don't care about their pets and don't spay or neuter, let them get pregnant and then out the door they go for someone else to care for.  This is the second case that we have come across like this.  Another was a husky who gave birth two weeks after the owner had adopted her.  The first had a good outcome and we had help place one of the puppies they had a hard time placing.  no health problems with the husky's.  This time it wasn't such a good outcome.  4 of the 11 puppies have both cleft lip and palette and now one more has a cleft palette.  that is nearly 50% of the litter with the same defect.  This couple wouldn't have to go through this pain and reality of breeding if they had not been kept in the dark as to what happened.  

this is also why knowing what is being bred and the genetics are very important.  mix two bad sets of genes and those bad genes will go forward and duplicate in the pup and affect the puppy in the worst case senario that we have seen here.  There are many many more things that could have happened or still could happen.  This litter is not only going to be heartwrenching on the family but also tiring for us caring for the special needs puppy.  


7/21/09  family learns that their female has given birth.  adopted just a month prior.  Canine pregnancy is just 9 short weeks.  She will be due to cycle again in just 4 more months.

7/22/09  We come into the picture checkin on the little ones as there is fear from the female owner.  Turns out that there are 4 cleft lip and palette.  The four pups are turned over to our care.  First is a black pup never made it through the night.  Second was a little white pup was almost as bad as the black one as for cleft deformity.  and third was a little tan one with small white strip on forehead.  after further review this one was as bad as the white one.  Tried to feed these two pups several times only to have milk going in the nose and down causing issues that would become even worse as time went on.  the palettes were very wide open as well as along the midline.   After much discussion with others having raised cleft puppies and getting insite to this we opted that the best thing for these two were to put them down.  No one has ever seen clefts that were this severe.  Fourth pup is the best of the bunch.  She looks like a little boxer.  She has the cleft lip and the palette is only slightly involved this pup has a real chance at making it if we can avoid phnemonia, get weight on this pup and get her to dry food in 4 more weeks.

100_1052.JPG three of the four pups...

100_1053.JPG white pup and tan pup look like this in the mouth.  

Tan little boxer looking puppy, nose only with pin hole in palette... 100_1057.JPG

7/23/09 another puppy is found with a large open cleft palette.  owner is going to try to bottle feed.


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